Why We Sell German Clothing

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So many of my friends have asked me,why are you selling dirndls, & lederhosen. Of course I have to say mostly they are not German people asking. I do this, because  with my whole heart, I enjoy it. This business has provided me an opportunity to study my own heritage further as well as be involved in business.

Anyone can sell toasters on the internet, but how much fun could that possibly be?  I not only enjoy running the business (and it was a learning curve and still is) but I enjoy my products, my suppliers and especially my customers. How lucky and blessed am I to meet so many people who understand how to have fun. It isn't all about just bier drinking, it really is about honoring where you come from.

As an American, I was really just raised with American culture. We didn't speak German, or celebrate our Irish culture much (my mom's side), no, we did American things. We celebrated all of the holidays, and ate green jello at picnics and came from a farming community out on the plains of Montana.

I was raised in a one room school house, and learned to square dance when I was just a tot. But, the one thing that I was taught and that I observed and grew up knowing down to my toes, is that community is important. That desire for community is also one of the strongest reasons for my business.

The people who belong to the German American clubs, who are part of the Polka Culture, who understand why pure bier is the best bier, they belong to a community. They recognize each other, they sing together, meet up with each other, and know each other. Yes, we all have a community. It is almost a Heimat. A Heimat of the new world, the area of the online space, and off line space, where we all "come from", where we are tied to. Those people all over the country, the world, who recognize each other.

Thank you for being part of my community.

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