About Us

Honor your heritage, Cherish your family
Celebrate this festival of life.™

Bavarian style

Since 2005, MyDirndl has imported traditional Bavarian dirndls, lederhosen and other special articles from Germany to the USA. Our goal is to supply traditional clothing for festivals and celebrations  providing you a quality outfit for your wardrobe, one you are proud to wear.

European style
Whil we are known for providing quality traditional Bavarian clothing, we also provide European style apparel. Our efforts focus on satisfying those whose unique style reflects the special pieces of Alpine Inspired clothing they choose.

Show your style
While a dirndl or lederhosen might seem odd to wear to a local event, it might just be perfect.  Perhaps you might choose to wear lederhosen inspired jeans, or Tracht jackets with a velvet vest and a white shirt. Look  for ways to incorporate you style into your clothing and your life. No matter if it is  Bavarian, Scandinavian, European, Alpine, German or something else. Show your style!

 About me........



Growing up in the wilds of Montana taught me to appreciate what was in front of me,
to rely on those who surround me,
and to enjoy the moments between sunrise and sunset.
We all have the opportunity to make decisions on how we spend our days, and what adventures we follow. 

Keeping these lessons in mind, writing our  company motto became quite easy. 
Honor your heritage,
Cherish your family,
Celebrate this festival of life.
I hope your choices lead you on a great adventure! 
From Our Family to Yours,
Bobbie Floerchinger &  son Bob Malloy



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