🎅 German Nutcrackers

🎅 Our German Nutcrackers are in stock and shipped from the USA warehouse. 

Authentic & Traditional, these nutcrackers are imported from Germany, but more importantly they are hand-made or handgemacht, in Germany. While traditional nutcrackers can be found all over Germany, they are often from the Erzgebirge region. Nutcrackers originate from late-17th century Germany, particularly the Ore Mountains.

Mini Nutcracker- Soldier
Regular price $38.50
Mini Nutcracker-  King
Regular price $38.99
Mini Nutcracker- King
Regular price $49.99
Mini Nutcracker-Drummer
Regular price $49.99 Sold Out
Nutcracker-Santa with Bell
Regular price $81.99
Nutcracker - Bavarian
Regular price $82.99
Nutcracker - Mouse King
Regular price $82.99
Regular price $137.99
Nutcracker-Night Watchman
Regular price $224.00
Nutcracker- Drummer Natural
Regular price $234.99
Nutcracker-Czar Glazed
Regular price $234.99

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