Bavarian Midi Dirndls

  Dirndls are traditional dresses that have been a part of Alpine culture for centuries. Originating in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, dirndls are a type of dress that typically consists of a blouse, full skirt, and apron, and are typically worn by women.

Bavarian Dirndls, authentic and traditional, from Germany.
♥ Our Midi Dirndl collection starts at 60cm and goes to 65cm in length. This is the measurement from the natural waist to the hem.  ♥

Our dirndls are sold with out the blouse, so you are free to select the dirndl blouse you prefer from the many dirndl blouses we carry. We know you are going to love your dirndl and enjoy it for years to come.

Show Your Bavarian Style!

Dirndl Measuring
Measure over the breast for the chest size, waist, measure at the natural waist, just below the rib cage and above the hip bone- think high waisted. No worry on hips, these are pleated skirts. Next, figure out the size on each, which ever gives you the larger size- pick that size. That's typically a good start. See our size charts to pick the correct size.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

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