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Easter decorations to adorn your holiday event. These sweet items for your Easter celebration will be the hit of your Easter but also herald the incoming spring,  German Easter celebrations and traditions are family events.
In northern Germany, Easter Fires (in German: Osterfeuer) are lit around sunset on Holy Saturday.  While each city and state has it's own regulations for the Easter Fires, over the past years, Easter Fires themselves have become larger and developed to smaller versions of Volksfests with food stands. Usually, Easter Fires are kept burning over hours until dawn (roughly around 6 ) and cause therefore a special atmosphere during the whole Easter Night with their bright lights in the dark and the omnipresent smell of smoke.

During the weeks before Easter, special Easter bread is sold (in German: Osterbrot). This is made with yeast dough, raisins, and almond splinters. 


Easter is on Sunday, Apr 9, 2023.

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