Looking for Traditional handgemacht  "handmade" German Shoes ?

Looking for Traditional handgemacht "handmade" German Shoes ?


Recently we became aware of a traditional shoemaker from São Bento do Suli, Brazil. His name is Matheus Janczkowski.  Matheus told us he was interested in Bavarian culture from a young age because his grandmother’s heritage is Bavarian.

Growing up he was part of a Trachtengruppe for 3 years. As a member of a traditional dance group, he became aware of the need for the traditional style of shoes. This began his training and working in the trade of Schuhmacher.


Matheus told us he has been making the traditional shoes for 3 years, learning the craft from an experienced shoemaker, who still works with him today.

While working as a translator with German visitors in his town in Brazil, he took the opportunity to learn and search for techniques in the history of Tracht. This information was then used to help him to recreate the leather work with accuracy and respect to traditional shoe making.


His shoes are handcrafted according to the customer’s measurements resulting in a handgemacht (handmade) bespoke pair of shoes. The hand-made shoes are leather from top to sole. These shoes are available in colors: dark brown, yellowish brown, Royal Navy blue and black.

His shoes cost $153 USD per pair, no matter the model, with shipping included in the price.

Matheus told us-
For taking measurements, I always ask my customers to stand on a piece of paper and trace their feet around with a pen, then, a set of measurements must be taken on and out of the paper. And feet circumference as well.

 I also ask for the standard shoe size to compare with the given measures. Then, in a matter of a month in average, I am ready to ship the order.”

To find out exactly how to measure your feet and to see the full range of his styles and colors-
or for more information contact Matheus though is Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/matheus.janczkowski) or email him at: matheusj2009@hotmail.com .


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