Hunting for Authentic Lederhosen?

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When searching for good quality Lederhosen or Bundhosen for Oktoberfest, a little education about the types of leather will help tremendously.  Be sure to click our links to see our entire selection of leather.

Lederhosen, translated from German into English, leather pants, are made from leather.  The most expensive and yet, some of the nicest lederhosen are produced using deerskin. Deerskin lederhosen are often some of the softest leather, best wearing and longest lasting. Deerskin lederhosen manufactured from the Red Deer, and while they get a pretty price, they will last a lifetime.

The next best choice for bundhosen or lederhosen is goatskin.  Goatskin lederhosen are nice soft supple lederhosen and while tough, the weight is not overly heavy.  They wear well and can last for a very long time.  Goat is the best choice, if you do not want deerskin lederhosen. The finish is nice and they look good year after year.

The cheapest lederhosen or bundhosen are cowhide. Cowhide will cost you much less but has a tendency to rip or tear on stress points.  They work best for children’s lederhosen, as they are less expensive and are easily replaced when a child grows out of them. These are typically not made from Full Grain leather but from Genuine leather, and finished as suede. Suede is tougher than cloth, but exposed to stress, it can rip easily.

Each year the embroidery, colors and even the designs of lederhosen or bundhosen can change. While you can get the newest color choices featured in Munich, or the newest design, lederhosen with no suspenders is quite popular right now, just owning a good quality pair of lederhosen will provide you a great outfit for Bavarian festivals and Oktoberfest.

Keep in mind, lederhosen, bundhosen and full length leather pants were, and still are, working clothes. 

We typically sell authentic lederhosen to people who are part of their German American community, attending an Oktoberfest, or flying to Munich for Oktoberfest or for business events.

We also sell these authentic lederhosen to working people.  Lederhosen are for men and women who use them for hunting, horseback riding, and working out in the cold. 
No matter what you plan to use your lederhosen for, work or pleasure, we hope you enjoy them for years to come.

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A million thanks to Andre from Forst-Profi for sharing his pictures. and showing how these are great working pants. For the record, he only wears Deerskin lederhosen.

Eine Million Dank an Andre from Forst-Profi   der seine Bilder geteilt hat und gezeigt hat, dass dies großartige Arbeitshosen sind.Für den Rekord trägt er nur Deerskin Lederhosen.

Die Dirndl Frau

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