Charivari and Charini

Charivari and Charini

Charivari and Charini the Final Touches to a Perfect Outfit

Charivari (Shari-vari) chains worn by men on their lederhosen typically are decorated with different charms from coins and charms purchased to items made from souvenirs from hunting such as elk teeth or bits of horn.  While the charms are readily available for purchase many people create their own, to reflect their passions.  Typically worn in the alpine regions of Bavaria and Tyrolia they are worn everywhere that lederhosen is worn. Charivari can be the final touches to a perfect Oktoberfest or festival outfit.  Traditionally the charms were status symbols for the wealthy and also a way to show off hunting skills.

Although often called Charivari, the Charini, is the female counterpart of the decoration. This will typically be a chain of charms and such for ladies to wear on their dirndls. The Charini can be pinned to the dirndl waist or apron or pinned to the bodice of the dirndl. Again, the Charini is a finishing touch to a perfect outfit.

As legend goes, it is important your Charivari, or Charini charms are affixed in only an uneven number. An even number of charms brings bad luck.

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