commemorative coin Straubinger Rathaustaler

commemorative coin Straubinger Rathaustaler


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 This commemorative coin, being minted in Germany was made 100% in Bavaria.

On the front side of the Straubinger Rathaustaler is the original gable of the Straubinger Rathaus. On the back is  the „Patrona Bavariae“, who is the patron saint of Bavaria since 1917. Patrona Bavariae is also very famous.

Material: 999 Silver
Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: around 15,5 gr. – ½ ounce
Quality: Polished Plate (highest possible Quality)
Origin: 100% Made in Bavaria
Imported from Germany

The Story of the Straubinger Rathaustaler

Straubing is a city in Bavaria (Lower Bavaria) with a long history.

In 1382, the municipality purchased the Gothic trading house, which was then converted into the town hall (with a historical council chamber behind the Gothic window façade). The three-storey building underwent drastic alterations in the 19th century, when the Gothic gable was demolished (1826) and the neo-Gothic façade erected (1893). 

The early visitors, the first “tourists” of the 19th century were enthusiastic about the beauty of Straubing. The town’s position on the Danube, the vast town square full of colourful live, the varied churches and historical monuments fascinate visitors even today. 

The historic part of town hall burned  down on 25th of November 2016. In an effort to support the rebuilding of the town hall Jürgen Seissler had the idea to create and sell the Straubinger Rathaustaler.

A portion of each Straubinger Rathaustaler, 15 Euro,  supports the rebuilding of the town hall.