Why not just buy a Dirndl from Amazon?

Posted by Bobbie Floerchinger on

Many people ask me why there are so many dirndls on Amazon and ebay with prices so cheap. Well, that is the answer. They are cheap. These dirndls on Amazon often look great in the pictures but look much different once you put them on. The prices are great, however, unrealistic. While we know a few people won’t choose to buy an authentic dirndl, that has been imported from Germany, we know most people prefer quality.   
Unless you are purchasing a unique designer dirndl such as the beautiful ones provided by Rare Dirndl, the best reason to avoid those cheap dirndls (besides quality) is respect for culture. We import our dirndls from Germany and Austria, the places whose cultures created the dirndls. We know many of them make inside or outside of Germany, however the Germans put their items through a rigorous quality control process, and create the designs year after year. For us, at MyDirndl.com, we believe our German manufactures deserve to be paid for their designs, their effort and their culture.  The cheap dirndls on Amazon, are typically imported directly from a manufacturer in Pakistan, or China or another country which does not even celebrate the famous marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig, (King Ludwig I) and his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen , 12th October 1810. Known as Oktoberfest. Additionally it is doubtful the importer goes to those countries to inspect the facilities, or to check the quality from time to time. This leaves the manufacture  free to send inferior if not down right laughable quality items back.  While not everyone cares if their dirndl is made to last a long time, most of us want quality garments.

How do you know if your item is quality? Have you ever had a black shirt turn a greenish or blueish after a few times in the wash? Notice how the thread on a seam has unraveled and before you know it, the hem is completely gone? Have you ever had a shirt that the seams ripped easily and there was a hole in it too soon?   These are all things close quality control works to avoid, plus many more quality issues. 

If you just want a party dress to go to a Halloween party, feel free to buy the dirndls on Amazon. One thing you will notice in an inferior dirndl, even in the pictures, the apron will have fold marks on it.  this is because the garment isn't put together and hung properly from the production line to the  brand home office.  Our dirndls come all put together with their aprons, every button perfect and the dirndl has been hung to reduce wrinkling prior to us receiving it .  You will get what you paid for. Unless you are going to a posh Halloween party, and then I would not want to be fitted in one of those costumes.

If you want a piece of clothing that is incredible quality, and with proper care will last a long time, a dirndl dress that is heirloom quality, then purchase your dirndl or lederhosen from a reputable importer.  We work hard to find quality items from different manufacturers such as Original Stocker Point or Krüger Dirndl.  We appreciate them doing the quality control and providing superior dirndls and superior lederhosen for us to provide to you. We are Americans, born of German descent. We are proud of our heritage, and we want to support other Germans in the Tracht business. Each of us must decide who and what we support in life. We hope you find the value in supporting small businesses who support the country whose culture dirndls and lederhosen were born in.

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